Fence in Peckham, UK

This way taken in my neighbourhood. The developers of this building site may have let it go to ruin, but the locals are having none of it. I like that the author of these words had the decency to use ‘flipping’ and not ‘fucking’. Even though he must have been tempted. This flipping fence has now been torn down.


Billboard in London

Unfortunately this isn’t an advertising stunt for Orange Mobile. It’s just some guy making a phone call. Presumably he’s trying to find out just how to put the new advertisement up. In London, the days of men walking around with rolls of paper and buckets of glue are over. Instead, all outdoor advertising is being modernised to be printed on those plastic strips – which may not be as easy as it sounds.

Stencil family, London

This was taken at the Cans Festival. Defacing London is now a family affair. Just like Disney movies, trips to IKEA and arguments while putting up anything bought at IKEA. Stencil sounds by far the least offensive of the above. More at http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=8DKrxk1E_yw.

Double tree in Paris

Waiting to get into the Foundation Cartier in Paris. This turned out to be the best part of the exhibition.

Fake flowers in Manhattan

If nothing else, this is a brilliant piece of copy because it’s a complete lie, but still made me smile.

Brick Lane security camera, London

I took this picture in September 2007 and in April 2008 this punk CCTV camera was still there. Turns out it’s a piece of art by D*FACE. I would post a link to his site, but it’s not working. But then maybe that’s what subversion is all about.

Square du Commerce, Paris

A scary junction box in a very respectable part of Paris.