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Yabadabadoo time on the lower east side

Let’s face it, if Fred Flintstone had lived in NYC, he’d look this grim.


Kiwi junction boxes

They love to decorate their junction boxes in Auckland. Notice how no one has dared spoil the art with tags and stickers. Unlike the junction boxes in my area. Is good street art the best anti-dote for bad street art?

Shop in Brighton

How the hell do they fit customers in there?

Little dude in Brussels

This wee guy kept appearing all over the place. I’ve no idea who he is, but he made me smile.

Belgium’s other pissing statue

If you’ve ever been to Brussels, you’ll have noticed that there is more dog poo on the streets than loose paving stones. And that’s saying something. But it’s good to know that there is still some irony on the streets of Belgium.

Samuel Beckett in Notting Hill, UK

I love this mural. It was created by Alex Martinez and is based on the photo by Jane Bown. Beckett always had a worryingly worn face, so how apt to have reproduced this photo on this particular wall. But the main reason I like this picture is the two bins in front of the great man’s face. Theatre geeks will have spotted the reference to Endgame. And if you’re not familiar with the play, it’s about two character who each live in their own bins. Spooky hey? The pigeon must be an extra.

Board in Brighton

Lovely thought, just a shame there’s a word missing. But I suppose you can’t ask all inanimate objects to have perfect spelling.